Designing Better Buildings

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Designing Better Buildings
Quality and Value in the Built Environment
Edited by Sebastian Macmillan

Edition 2004


Designing Better Buildings

.Designing is widely recognised as the key to improving the quality of the built environment
well-illustrated book comprises 18 chapters written by leading practitioners, clients and
and presents the latest thinking on design quality and value
, For designers and their clients alike, it
provides evidence to justify greater emphasis on
and investment in, design. It summarises the
benefits that arise from good design – such as
civic pride and urban regeneration, corporate identity,
occupant productivity and health in
, offices, improved learning outcomes in schools, better patient
recovery rates in hospitals
as well as reduced environmental impact. And it illustrates these benefits
.case study examples

Part One describes the perspective of clients and what they expect from design. Part Two
presents case studies in various sectors – offices, schools, healthcare buildings – to explain
how and
why the designs came about. Part Three addresses the processes necessary to
achieve design
quality. Part Four discusses the issue of whether and how design quality
can be measured.
The book is intended for construction industry practitioners, particularly
, in architectural,
engineering, planning, surveying and project management practices
.as well as clients responsible for
commissioning buildings and civil engineering projects
,It will be an essential text book for many
university courses in the built environment
.including architecture, engineering, construction, planning
and urban design