Encyclopedia Britannica Illustrated Science Library 2009 – Invertebrates

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Encyclopedia Britannica Illustrated
Science Library 2009 – Invertebrates
Edition 2009
pages 56

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Encyclopedia Britannica Illustrated
Science Library 2009 – Invertebrates

?Invertebrates were the first forms of
animal life on Earth. They are the most ancient and most numerous of
. known life-forms. Some, such as worms, sea anemones, and jellyfish, are soft bodied
,Others, such as insects and crustaceans, are hard-bodied. Some
including jellyfish, live in the water and swim freely. However, others, such as
corals and anemones, are fixed in one place. This fascinating world of tiny
creatures has over 1.5 million known species, with a wide
.variety of shapes and habits Bees are among the most important
insects. They process the nectar of flowers to produce honey, a sugary
liquid that humans use as a sweetener and nutrient. The nutritive component of
honey is pure carbohydrate in the form of simple sugars, which are directly
absorbed by the body. This characteristic gives honey its punch as a quick energy
source. Edible in its natural state, it can also be used as an ingredient of desserts
or to sweeten drinks. Not only bees, however, but also wasps play a
fundamental role in the lives of all living beings. Many plants depend on them for
pollination of their flowers. Without these insects there would be fewer fruits
and vegetables to eat. Here we show you the inside workings
of a beehive. Did you know that one difference between bees and other
insects is the organized communities that bees form? Keeping in mind that each
artificial honeycomb has about 30,000 inhabitants, there must be a way to keep
order, and the bees know by instinct how to do this. The queen, the drones, and the
,workers know their roles and duties well. They may even die defending the colony
just like ants, who are also true masters of order and productivity. Noteworthy in the
world of insects is their high degree of evolutionary development. They are the
highest achievers of the animal world. They live all over the planet, need little food to
.survive, and escape from predators with highly developed means of locomotion